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Whether you’re a beginning investor or seasoned professional, you probably realize the most important factor determining your success is your ability to find deals quickly.

At Quick And Easy Home Solution we will help you own! Our extensive marketing efforts and available resources allow us to purchase many distressed properties that we have no intention of keeping long term or renovating. Typically, these properties need repairs ranging from minor cosmetics to full-blown renovations. In order to sell these properties quickly, we offer them to investors, at deeply discounted prices, who will rehab the properties and rent them out or sell them at full market value.

In addition to the properties we purchase, we also pass on many deals for one reason or another and may be able to refer them to you. If you’d like to be notified via fax, telephone or email of our latest Wholesale Properties as they become available or to receive deal referrals from us, please take a moment to join our Wholesale Buyer List Below. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. The more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to match you with a property that meets your purchase criteria.

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Co-Wholesaling -If you have a property and you want to use our buyer's list and split the assignment fee or deal 50/50 or you have a buyer's list and you want sell our properties through your buyer's list and split the assignment fee or deal 50/50.
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