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I Want To Buy Those Houses That You Just Can’t Seem To Sell!

Dear Real Estate Agent:

Getting hounded by a seller whose house you can’t sell? Are your listings set to expire? Is a foreclosure date fast approaching and you’re worried that you are not going to get paid for all the hard work you have done?

If this is the case I want to buy those houses that you just can’t seem to sell. That’s right, I want to buy those houses. My name is Mike Riley and I am a real estate investor and I am associated with a group of investors who buy 7 to 10 houses per month. We have the ability to pay all cash and close quickly because we don’t need approval from some bank to buy properties. This ensures that you will get paid your commission quickly.

If you have any properties that fit these criteria please give me a call at 678-593-2770 to see what I can offer.

Houses that:

  • Need extensive Repairs
  • Are in so called “undesirable neighborhoods”
  • Are approaching foreclosure
  • Not enough equity to cover your commissions!
  • And any other types of properties that you find difficult to sell.


Mike Riley

P.S.- Shouldn’t you get paid for all the hard work you’ve done.

P.P.S.- Don’t lose out on your commission call me today

We also have a Reward Program designed just for realtors and agents!

Sign up now for our $250 per lead Reward plan.  For every Lead you submit to us that we close on, we will pay you a referral fee of $250 for each of those lead referrals.

Agent turn downs – are those sellers that just dont have enough equity to pay the realtor fee. (send them to us and get a referral fee from us!)

Shouldn’t you be compensated for even those  “hard to sell” leads? We strive to achieve an ongoing working relationship with our Realtor friends!

No cost to you! To let us have a try at that lead. If we don’t buy, you’ve lost nothing. If we do buy, we will send you $250 for each lead we close on!

Sign up today for our realtor reward referral program!

We will contact you within 24 business hours.

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